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Congress of Jamiat-e Islami party is Decision-Maker

In an interview with BBC, the chief executive of Jamiat-e Islami party Ata M. Noor said that the members of the party’s leadership council had appointed Rabbani as the president for two months and now they decided to dismiss him.
“The members of the Jamiat leadership, the six individuals decided to appoint Salahuddin Khan as acting (president of the party). Now the same six individuals, including 75 percent of the interim leadership members – except Ahmad Zia – decided that the two moths had been completed and have tolerated him for 9 years, that is enough,” said Ata M. Noor.

Mr Noor questioned Salahuddin’s activities for Jamiat party, saying that he did not do any good service and that his dismissal was decided by 75% of the members of the Leadership Council.
“I have activated the office and committees as I am the Chief Executive and have the authority to activate the committees; the committees and provinces are under my command and activated them all, but when I went to Mazar (Mazar-e Sharif), he (Salahuddin) canceled all of them and opened a small office which it was also closed,” he added.

According to Ata M. Noor, a son-in-law and a brother-in-law have monopolized the power of the party. They neither let others visit or work, nor they work for the party.
The Chief Executive underlined that they (Salahuddin and others) consider the government illegitimate in their statements. They deny the government and the peace process.

Mr. Noor says that the only way to reform and integrate Jamiat party is to convene a congress and that Salahuddin Rabbani has the right to participate and nominate himself.
“I think those who are annoyed should gather and convene a congress to reform and integrate Jamiat party. We cannot deny Salahuddin, do not want to suspend his membership, we give him the right to attend the congress and candidate himself,” he explained.
He described the confrontation with the government as irrational and asked that what would be the rationale for confronting the government at a time when national unity is needed.