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Ata Mohammad Noor:

Consultative Jirga if gives more authority to government, rejected

Mr Noor said that if peace consultative Jirga would be to give more authority to the president, he will not participate, and that he backed up Mr Atmar to strengthen national unity.

Ata Mohammad Noor, the chief executive of Jamiat-e Islami party, during an interview with Tolo TV said:“If the upcoming peace consultative Jirga is to give authority to the president, we won’t attend it.”

Moscow Meeting;

Ata M. Noor said Moscow meeting had many achievements and that he will update people on the achievements gained at Moscow format.
“The Moscow Meeting had many achievements. The meeting focused on the preservation of defense and civilian institutions and stressed on women’s rights. The Taliban for the first time, sat behind the Afghan flag. The Taliban accepted an intra-Afghan dialogue for the first time,” he said.

Mr Noor considers the opposition shown by the presidential palace in the president’s “arrogance”. When we met President Ghani, we asked him to “trust” us as we defend the system.
“The opposition shown by the presidential palace shows the president’s arrogance. The Taliban say their talks with Ghani have come to a stalemate. They argue they will only talk with the resistance group. When we met President Ghani, we asked him to trust us as we defend the system. ARG has ego. They, therefore, won’t support a process that they don’t have a presence in. They didn’t trust our goodwill,” he further said.

He accused the leaders of the government of taking power and seats. “In a state of emotion they are for peace, but not in the realm of action to step aside”.
Mr. Noor also announced his presence at the Doha summit, which will be held in the future between the Taliban and the politicians.

According to him, the Taliban argue that they will come to share power not to sit in a palace like Hekmatyar.
“We have stressed the need to form a political consensus with the participation of the government. The government peace negotiator team is very small and cannot represent the whole of Afghanistan,”
“Making peace is not possible if there isn’t a united policy and a regional and international consensus,” he stressed.

Interim Government:
The chief executive of Jamiat party also touched the issue of interim government.
“You need to be inevitable if you want to open a new chapter. Same as we showed inevitability at the Bonn Conference. Our goal from the interim, transitional or acting government is not a setback to square one. Isn’t it worth to form an acting government to bring an end to the war and to the bloodshed?”
“We demand such a government after Jawza the 1st,”

According to him, Elections and peace are interconnected. Elections without peace is not possible and if there is one, it will be a staged one.
“The president claims that the Moscow Meeting is like a scientific conference and doesn’t have executive guarantees. I want to assure that we are following up the peace talks and we ourselves will execute it after Jawza the first,”

Peace and Moderation Ticket:
Mr Noor said that “after thorough research, we came to the conclusion that in order to ensure national unity and rid the country of the crisis, the best person to support is Mr. Hanif Atmar”.
The chief executive of the Jamiat party said that the president wanted him to be his first Vice President. But he put his offer down.
“If I went with his ticket, I would not get along with his unilateral actions and that would lead to crisis,” he added.

According to him, Dr. Abdullah is the head of the National Coalition, he isn’t the Jamiat candidate.
“I myself, Amir Esmail Khan, Yonus Qanuni, Besmillah Mohammadi, Sattar Murad, Kalimullah Naqibi and other Jamiat senior members are the pillars of Jamiat,”
“I call upon our fellows in Jamiat to support those who have been standing by them in their happiness and sorrows over the last 40 years,” he said.

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