• publish: 1 May 2019
  • time: 11:10 am
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Consultative Loya Jirga likely to continue for another 2 days

A number of Peace Consultative Jirga members say that the Jirga is likely to continue beyond the designated dates.

Divergent views among members of the committees and controversy over the election process are the reasons for this extension.
“Preparations in full swing If this Jirga (grand assembly) continues for more than 4 days,” said Abdul Rashid Ayubi on Wednesday, a spokesman for the peace Jirga commission.

On Tuesday, the participants were divided into 51 committees and the chief of each committee was elected. But a number of the Jirga members claim that the election process for appointing the heads and the secretariat of the Jirga has been engineered.
According to them, the heads of some committees have been appointed by “imposing pressure”.

At the end of Tuesday, 19 people have nominated themselves as deputy and 30 others as secretary of the Jirga, the members of the Jirga said.

President Ghani opened the consultative Jirga on Monday and 3200 delegates from across the country have attended this Jirga.
“This Jirga will determine the outlines and framework of peace talks with the Taliban,” the president had said.

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