• publish: 10 October 2021
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Continuation of the upward trend of prices; edible oil reached afs170 per liter in the North

As the upward trend of prices continues in Afghanistan. edible oil reached afs 170 per litter in the North.

A number of residents of Badakhshan complained about a significant increase in the price of food staff.

In an interview with Raha News Agency reporter today (Saturday, the 17th of Mizan, October 9 2021) they told they can not afford paying for the families` expenses.

Wajid Ebrahimi, a resident of Badakhshan, bought a one-liter can of oil for afs170 Afghanis from the Badakhshan market today, expressed concern he can no longer afford buying food staff for his family.

Like him, there are hundreds of residents of Badakhshan province who are worried about the poor economic situations, those who return home empty-handed at night. They emphasized if the situation is not controlled, a humanitarian catastrophe will occur.

Officials of the Badakhshan Chamber of Commerce and Investment confirm the increase in food staff prices in the province.

They attributed the increase in food prices to the closure of banks and rising dollar prices.

Meanwhile, Maulvi Saif U-Rahman, the mayor of Badakhshan province, said the rise in food prices resulted from two factors: either traders oppress people or there are people who are working to defame the Taliban government.

He promised the food staff prices will soon reduces following some measures underway regarding the issue.

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