• publish: 18 May 2020
  • time: 5:02 pm
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Uzbekistan welcomes Afghanistan’s power-sharing agreement

Uzbekistan welcomed the signing of the power-sharing deal in Afghanistan.

Earlier, it was reported that President Ashraf Ghani and former Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah, his political rival, signed a political agreement on power sharing on May 17.

“Uzbekistan welcomes the agreement of Afghanistan’s political leaders to establish an inclusive government and the High Council for National Reconciliation.

“We also express our hope that these important decisions will pave the way for political negotiations and the establishment of lasting and long-term peace in neighboring Afghanistan,” the Uzbek Foreign Ministry said.

He also assured that Uzbekistan will continue to fully support the inter-Afghan political process and provide all possible assistance in building a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.

Since March, when Ghani and Abdullah simultaneously held their inauguration ceremonies, the politicians have been trying to reach an agreement.

In early May, Abdullah Abdullah said that he and Ashraf Ghani “made progress in the negotiations and reached a preliminary agreement on a number of principles” and spoke on work on the details of a reconciliation agreement.

Now, they have signed an agreement that leaves Ashraf Ghani as President, but Abdullah Abdullah is entitled to appoint ministers to the government.

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