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Country’s youth suffered the biggest harm

In the seminar held with participation of a number of Kabul instructors, researchers and knowledgeable figures of Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, minister of information and culture Abdul Bari Jahani spoke and said incidents in the past two days had shown that the country’s youth suffered the biggest harm.

Touching on role of youth in maintaining peace in the country, minister of information and culture asserted that the country’s youth by keeping national unity should make effort to contact youth who were in opposite side and tell them that fighting was not in the interest of the people of Afghanistan in particular the country’s youth.

Minister of information and culture while pointing to youth achievements in the past 13 years in various sectors asked the country’s youth to play considerable role in maintaining peace in the country.

Afterwards, Dr. Kamal Saadat, Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs for Information and Culture Ministry spoke and said holding the seminar encompassing the first 100-day action plan of the deputy ministry of youth affairs was held by the ministry to discuss on role of youth in maintaining peace and security in the country.