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Cultural, Social Contexts of Permanent and Justly Peace in Afghanistan

justice. However, from monotheistic point of view, peace without justice has no meaning; Justice is the foundation of true and permanent peace, and on the other hand, peace and security are developers of justice.

From the materialistic point of view, peace means when there is lack and cessation of war; it has nothing to do with the justice. However, from monotheistic point of view, peace without justice has no meaning; Justice is the foundation of true and permanent peace, and on the other hand, peace and security are developers of justice.

Education should bring happiness and humanity for human beings, which has been the goal of the divine prophets. Inhumane and unjustly structures consider international relations detrimental for the world peace and security. These unjustly structures include unjustly sub-structures. Each of them, by its own indicators, provides the resources and interests of the superpowers, the exploiters, oppressors and violators of the human rights of the oppressed people.

The most important goal of the divine prophets and one of the goals of Islam religion has been to establish justice and worldwide peace in the world. Therefore, one of the important issues for achieving comprehensive development has been necessity of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan (as an Islamic country). Misery, insecurity and lack of permanent peace in Afghanistan, more than the catastrophes and tragedies we are witnessing today has ruined and will be ruining all economic, spiritual and human resources of Afghanistan.

The issues of relationship between justice and democracy is almost legal more than social. Nevertheless, the Radical thinkers claim that freedom is incompatible with equality, and authoritarian thinkers claim that unity is incompatible with freedom. However, “Rawls” believes that equality is only incompatible with unity, because equality may only makes, the bad situation of a regime and a system of inequality worse than it is moderate.

The Peace Discourse That the People of Afghanistan Have Never Tasted!!

Now, both before the Taliban and after the Taliban takeover, the breadth and complexity of peace has been one of the most important issues in Afghanistan, which has become a concern for humanitarian organizations in the world and it has created many problems and disasters in Afghanistan as well.

Unfortunately, today in Afghanistan, the conditions of mental, psychological, economic, peace and stability for a safe, comfortable and blissful life for the citizens of Afghanistan have become very difficult and everyone is in a state of panic and despair. Therefore, the various mafia and autocratic system that were formed with the aim of creating peace in the affairs of Afghanistan, have yet to yield such an impact on the peace and stability of Afghanistan.

The peace process was not from the volition and from the heart of Afghan people, but were from the expectations, hopes and aspirations of peace talks that we never tasted. In the sections of international relations, more than 64% of the concepts has devoted for the peace and security, and this shows the importance of peace, security and stability in all parts of the world, but we should have a deep and accurate understanding of a sincerely, honestly, a non-discriminatory peace and without violence peace in Afghanistan.

 However, the culture, politics, and ideas of monopoly, violence, hegemony, barbarism, and ultimately illegitimately eliminations in the affairs of peace in Afghanistan has so far made all the efforts failed in order to bring a permanent, dignified, and justly peace for a wounded Afghanistan.

According to, gained experiences from these problems and the current crisis, the failure of the peace process in Afghanistan, from now on, addressing the issue of justly and permanent peace in Afghanistan is an essential part of life for all the people and residents of Afghanistan, which must be addressed in a justly manner and based on national interests. However, the experiences show that many of the world’s elites will join us in the peace process based on political and social justice in Afghanistan, while a justly peace has the characteristics of creating security and peace, pursuing of justice in all matters in a wounded Afghanistan.   

Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman” is a freelance Journalist and Translator/Interpreter, Researcher and Social Activist and Former Member of Afghan National Army. He may be reached through twitter via @asadpezhman & on telegram via @ajafaripezhman33

 The views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy of Raha Press.

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