• publish: 8 August 2016
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Daesh claims to have seized some US military equipment in east Afghanistan

Loyalists of the Daesh terror group claim to have seized some US weapons and military equipment in eastern Nangarhar province.

The terror group circulated some photos showing that some military equipment and weapons of the US army including an ID card of a US soldier belonged to Corporal Rayan Larson have been seized by loyalists of the group.


US military in Afghanistan confirms to have lost some equipment but denies if any soldiers have been captured by Daesh, BBC reports.


Daesh claims to have seized the firearms following the clashes between the group and Afghan-US backed forces in eastern Nangarhar province.


However, US military in Afghanistan said it is investigating into when these firearms dropped to the hands of Daesh loyalists here.


A US military spokesman in Afghanistan said on Sunday, that Corporal Rayan Larson was one of the US soldiers who were jointly fighting against the terror group in Nangarhar province.


He added Larson had left behind his ID card and some of his equipment.


Earlier, US military commanders in Afghanistan said five US soldiers were injured during last month operations against the terror group in eastern Nangarhar province, but it is yet not known if these firearms are the remainings of those last month operations or not.


Moreover, US military has yet not revealed why its forces had to leave the area immediately following last month’s operations, and they had no choice but to leave behind their equipment.


And, they have yet to comment on if they had underestimated the terror group’s inroads and power in eastern Nangarhar province or not.


Last month, loyalists of the Daesh group in Afghanistan claimed responsibility of a suicide attack on a peaceful demonstration in Kabul in which more than 80 people lost their lives and more than 350 others were wounded. The deadliest incident in past 15 years in Afghanistan. Some Afghans security officials later said the attackers had come from Nangarhar province.


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