• publish: 26 March 2016
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Zamir Kabulov:

“Daesh slogans and high financing attractive to Afghan youths”

Russian President especial envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov says that Daesh slogans and high financing is so attractive for Afghan youths to join the group. 

Director of Second Asian Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry Zamir kabulov also said the Daesh group is expanding its terror activities in Afghanistan.

“The IS activity has grown significantly in Afghanistan since summer 2014,” Kabulov said. “The group numerical strength is estimated at 10,000 people.”

“The figure can continue growing, as the IS slogans and high financing are attractive to Afghan youth,” Kabulov quoted by TASS news agency said.

The remarks by Kabulov comes as the coalition officials estimated around 1,000 to 3,000 Islamic State fighters are stationed in in eastern Afghanistan and are trying to establish a base of operations in the rugged mountains of Nangahar Province.

However, latest reports emerging from the eastern Kunar province suggests the group’s leader has shifted to this province after the terror group received major setbacks as a result of military operations during the recent months.

The Afghan security forces launched a major offensive against the terror group in Nangarhar province last month and cleared most parts of the districts under the control of the terror group.

Meanwhile, the US forces in Afghanistan increased air campaign against the loyalists of the terror group after the Obama administration granted new authorities to pound the militants affiliated with the terror group in Afghanistan.

The operations were launched amid concerns that the loyalists of the terror group are establishing a regional operational base as they were attempting to consolidate operations with the terror group in Syria and Iraq.



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