• publish: 13 April 2016
  • time: 7:09 am
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Daesh, Taliban intense infighting for possession of mine in Ghur province

Intense fighting began between Daesh fighters and Taliban for possession of a mine in Ghur province of Afghanistan, according to local officials.

A high-ranking official in the province reported of fierce clashes between Daesh fighters and Taliban insurgents for possession of a historical mine in Charsada district of Ghur province.

The senior intelligence official that wanted anonymity condition told Raha news agency that Daesh and Taliban insurgents have had intense infighting for possession of this mine for a while.

This senior also adds that conflict by Taliban insurgents and Daesh almost began a week ago, but was recently intensified.

He says that the mine is located in Charsada district of Ghor province.

in the meantime, provincial spokesman Abodolhay Khatibi said by phone to Raha news agency that he has not received any reports so far regarding the issue.

Mr.khatibi said Daesh does not have a physical presence in this province and some of the insurgent groups having presentation in Murghab valley of the province are affiliated with the Taliban insurgents.

Khatibi adds that discovery and intelligence institutions in Ghor province are trying to prevent the presences of Daesh in the province.

However, some reports suggest that fighters of Daesh teror group are present in the region “fakhor” in Ghor province, from where they organize and implement most of their programs.
It also comes amid other reports and rumors that fighters loyal to the Daesh terror group are actively operating in some districts and areas of Ghur province.

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