• publish: 17 August 2016
  • time: 6:47 pm
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After days of disputes, the two top Afghan leaders meet to solve issues

After days of disputes between President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah, the two top leaders finally meet with each other at Afghan palace to resolve the issues.

A spokesman for Afghan chief executive Jawid Faisal on his twitter feed said a few minutes ago that the two leaders are now meeting at Palace.

He doesn’t elaborate exactly which palace the two are meeting, but presidential palace is often called as palace.

The two are meeting today after disputes erupted between them following the appointment of Ahmad Nader Naderi as the head of civil services and administrative reforms independent directorate by president Ghani.

CE Abdullah strongly rejected Naderi’s appointment for the post, saying how a person could run such a post without having experience in running governmental offices.

Naderi’s appointment also triggered some other issues between the two top leaders, when CE Abdullah once accused president Ghani as implementing monopolism in the country.

President Ghani also responded from ARG that those who have hands in corruption accuse him of implementing monopolism.

Dr. Abdullah the other day addressed a number of his fans and Afghan political figures that they would witness another dimension of his character from the day onward, and will not keep silent anymore.

Both leaders accused each other of having hands in corruption.

According to an international report distributed by Transparency International, Afghanistan was placed among top most corrupt countries.

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