• publish: 2 August 2016
  • time: 3:08 pm
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Despite all objections and heavey clashes, Pakistan completed construction of Torkham Gate

Despite all objections raised by Afghan officials and heavy clashes between two countries’ border forces, Pakistan completed construction of a gate at Torkham area.

Pakistani officials say the newly constructed gate has an entrance and exit gates from where passers can enter or exit Pakistan after being checked by officials.

According to Pakistani officials, the gate is likely to be officially inaugurated on August 8.

Pakistan started construction of the gate on June 12 which resulted in strong objections from Kabul officials and a heavy armed clashes between border forces of the two countries.

There were casualties for both sides and a blockage for passers-by and trading activities.

Pakistan says it has constructed the gate to only curb illegal movements from and to Pakistan, and it insists that the gate would be beneficial for both countries.

Torkham gate is located on Torkham area within the disputed area of Durand line. Pakistan insists the Durnad Line be accepted as the official international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan; Something Kabul has always denied, saying the Durand Line agreement has expired.

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