• publish: 21 May 2018
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Dostum to return Afghanistan after he spoke with Ghani over phone

An aide to General Abdul Rashid Dostum said that Dostum is to return home within at least ten days after he had a phone conversation with President Ghani who was also in Turkey on Friday.  

Abdullah Qarloq, member of senate who is close to Dostum said Sunday that President Ashraf Ghani in his recent visit to Turkey, had a phone talk with Dostum and the latter will be home within 10 days.

After some controversies over his allegedly misbehavior with Ahmad Ishchi, a tribal leader, Dostum left the country last year and is since living in Turkey.

Ghani was expected to meet Dostum in Turkey, but could not as he quickly came back home due to “sensitive situation”.

“The president did talk with Dostum on the phone and they spoke on his return. He is planned to come home within 10 days,” said Qarloq.

Ghani flew Friday to Turkey to attend the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit, in which, the leaders of Muslim nations condemned the transfer of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that happened this week.

Presidential spokesman neither confirmed nor denied Ghani-Dostum’s phone conversation, and head of Dostum’s office Enayatollah Farahmand refused to comment.

Some parliamentarians say that Ishchi’s allegations could not prevent Dostum from returning home.

“The case is not an obstacle for Dostum’s return to country. He (Dostum) can come to his country and allegations against him can be prosecuted through legal ways,” said parliamentarian, Qader Zazai Watandost.

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