• publish: 10 August 2015
  • time: 3:50 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 599

Dr. Abdullah meets EU special envoy to Afghanistan

Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with European Union Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Franz, Misheal Mallbin at the Sapidar palace the other day.

In the meeting, both sides exchanged views on recent political-security changes in Afghanistan. Expressing glad on forming Electoral Reforms Commission (ERC), Mr. Mellbin Said that European Union supports electoral reforms as precondition and holding up a transparent and fair elections.

“We hope the commission can act according to the will of the Afghan people and paves the way for a transparent election in the country.” Mr. Mellbin added.

Lauding the EU’s constructive role in forming the ERC, Dr. Abdullah reiterated the National Unity Government (NUG) commitment in regard with bringing reforms in electoral system.

EU special envoy announced his all-side cooperation from the NUG and supporting armed forces of the country.

He also condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul with strongest possible terms.

At the end, both sides discussed and exchanged views on Afghanistan’s regional relation and peace process.

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