• publish: 10 October 2019
  • time: 12:16 pm
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In a meeting with NATO senior civilian representative

Dr. Mohib doubts about the Taliban’s intention for peace

Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Dr. Hamdullah Mohib says that he has doubt about the Taliban’s intention for peace,

He stressed that the dispersed group lacks a common view about war and peace.

“There is a difference between thinking and action among Taliban leadership, political representatives and field fighters, and the same issue has created a problem that there are no good results for peace with Taliban,” Mr Mohib added.

During a meeting with NATO senior civilian representative (NSCR), Dr. Mohib underlined that “there is a need for a ceasefire first, and then for intra-Afghan talks, to determine how honest the Taliban are in the talks and to what extent and in what areas their decisions will be implemented.”
“Taliban are not a single mouth about war and peace,” he stressed.

Considering talks and understanding as a solution to any crisis, the NSCR Nicholas Kay insisted that all members of the organization are in favor of intra-Afghan understanding and are committed to support the Afghan government.
“Afghan forces have made good progress, their achievements are significant and NATO continues its efforts to support, equip and train these forces,” he added.

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