• publish: 23 September 2021
  • time: 5:48 pm
  • category: Social
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Due to shortage of budget 91 medical centers are closed in Ghur

Ghur residents complain about the shortage of budgets leading to closing of medical centers in the province.

“91 medical centers are closed because of lack of budget in Ghur province” Abdul-hai, a local resident told Raha News Agency.

He added:”If the situation is going to continue, the doctors in the province will not tolerate.” The ministry of public health should take necessary steps to curb the crisis.

“Because of closing of 91 medical centers near 1000 staff including doctors, nurses, midwife and service personnel has lost their jobs.” said Muwlawi Ehsanullah, the head of provincial public health office

“If the world community especially the world health organization fail to provide Afghans in Ghur with medial equipment, a human crisis will be unavoidable” Ghur residents warned

Ghulam Muhammad Rasuli, a local resident, described medial situation in Ghur terrible.

“Medical cetres are closed and continuing of this situation will be in-tolerable for people”he added

Meanwhile, he ask the public health officials do necessary actions to reopen the medical centers.

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