• publish: 20 June 2021
  • time: 2:55 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 18053

Durand Line fencing to be completed by June 30

The fencing of the Durand Line, which Afghanistan does not recognise as a formal border with Pakistan, will be completed within two weeks.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told lawmakers in Islamabad on Saturday that 88 per cent work had been done so far and the rest would be completed by June 30.

Despite strong aversion from Afghanistan, Pakistan has been fencing the British-era frontier in what it calls an effort to curb the movement of terror suspects.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Rashid noted the next two to three months would be important for Pakistan in the context of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan.

“Right now infighting is ongoing on at some 38 locations in Afghanistan,” the minister said, claiming 2,400 Afghan personnel had swollen the ranks of Taliban.

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