• publish: 23 May 2020
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During Ramadan, Taliban attacks rise

The Taliban have stepped up their attacks on civilians and security forces during the holly month of Ramadan, Afghan officials claimed.

According to security officials, the Afghan military is currently engaged in fighting the Taliban in several provinces.

The Human Rights Commission said that 116 civilians have been killed during the war in the first 10 days of Ramadan alone, and the National Security Council also added the Taliban have killed 25 civilians in recent weeks.

Tariq Arian, the Spokesperson of Interior Ministry said, “Afghan security and defense forces have always defended the Afghan people, but unfortunately the Taliban have increased their violence, especially during Ramadan, which has killed hundreds of our compatriots, and the security forces. They will stay alert on Eid days.”

Zabihullah Farhang, the Press Director of the Human Rights Commission said, “In the first ten days of Ramadan, 116 civilians were killed, of which the Taliban are responsible for 68. The Afghan forces are responsible for 16 of them while people responsible for the death of the other 32 are uncertain.”

The United Nations has previously expressed concerns over the increase in civilian casualties, saying that talks between Afghans and the reduction of violence could reduce civilian casualties.

According to the National Directorate of Security, the Taliban carried out more than 3,000 attacks on government forces after the signing of the peace agreement, which was also published by the Taliban.

The Taliban militant group yet to make a comment on the matter.

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