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Economic problems/child marriage in exchange for weapons and livestock in Ghur

“Poverty, unemployment and severe economic problems in Ghur province have led to child marriages and a number of families in exchange for money, weapons or livestock let their below age girls marry middle-aged men.” some unnamed sources told Raha News Agency

There are some more shocking stories where some families have sold their one-year-old daughters for money, livestock and weapons.

The sources add that, for example, the buying and selling rate of an underage girl is usually between 100,000 and 250,000 afghanis in the province.

According to them, if the buyer does not have cash, he will give the girl’s family weapons or livestock in return.

According to Raha reporter`s findings, such incidents occur more in remote districts of the province than in the capital.

Our reporter also says buying and selling or child marriage in exchange for money was common before, but after the fall of the government and further economic turmoil, more families do this.

Habiba Jamshidi, a women’s rights activist in the west of the country, says women are half of society and they should not be treated inhumanely or none-Islamic behaviors.

She believe families being ignorant about girls and women statues abuse them.

Ms. Jamshidi emphasizes one of the reasons of child marriage is the lack of proper awareness of the role and position of women.

Taliban officials in Ghor province refused to comment on the issue.