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Eid days,peaceful for Afghans

Afghans around the country spent Eid Al-Adha days in peace as the country’s security institutions said that many security incidents were prevented on Eid days across the country.

Meanwhile, residents of different provinces called on Taliban to quit violence and celebrate Eid together with other Afghans in a peaceful environment.

Imams during Eid sermons encouraged the people for peace, security, tolerance, and participation in the upcoming presidential election. According to them, bloodshed should be stopped, and peace should be established in Afghanistan.

While congratulating the nation on advent of Eid Al-Adha, the president said peace was the desire of each Afghan and peace would come, there shouldn’t be any doubt about it, “But we want a peace in which each Afghan has dignity. We don’t want a peace in which Afghans wouldn’t have dignity. We don’t want a peace that would cause people to leave their country. We don’t want brain drain and we don’t want investment drain.”

Meanwhile, the US Special Envoy in an Eid message on Twitter said he hopes this is the last Eid where Afghanistan is at war.  He said the US is working hard toward a lasting and honorable peace agreement and a sovereign Afghanistan which poses no threat to any other country.

Government of Afghanistan in its road map for peace, suggested general amnesty for Taliban leaders and fighters, ceasefire, recognition of Taliban as political party and an office for it in Kabul, lifting sanctions on Taliban leaders and freeing prisoners of this group.

Despite tens of thousands of people killed and wounded in Taliban attacks across Afghanistan and economic impacts of Taliban insurgencies for the country, Afghan government has expressed its perfect readiness for negotiation and accepting demands of the opposite side. Perhaps it was a heavy price for peace with Taliban; giving amnesty to thousands of militants who have killed innocent children, women and men; lifting sanctions on Taliban leaders who are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, destruction of the country and blocking the way of progress and development of Afghanistan for more than one and half decade.

The group not only accepted Afghans call for peace and government’s roadmap but continued to target civilians across the country and somehow tried to involve aliens in domestic affairs of Afghanistan. They not only receive foreign support for militancy and civilians killing in Afghanistan, but also trying to involve foreigners in peace process and avoiding direct talks with Afghans and the Afghan government in particular.

Indeed, peace process is a national project and to succeed it we need political national consensus. The most important thing that could guarantee success of the peace road map is to open a direct intra-Afghan channel.

As far as Taliban leaders are in grip of foreign circles, they will not be allowed to have their own agenda for peace and decide themselves. Government of Afghanistan with cooperation of its allies and friend countries like US, EU, Russia, China and Arab countries may further put pressures on countries supporting Taliban. Raising political and diplomatic pressure on these countries and Taliban may help bring Taliban to negotiation table. 

Afghans passed the three days of Eid in relative peace with increasing hope of a stable Afghanistan. Therefore, if the Taliban really fight for the interests of Afghan people, as they have been claiming during talks with US officials, and have their own authority for making decision, they have to accept the public demands for ceasefire and durable peace in the country.

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