• publish: 6 March 2018
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Election should be held in early October: Political parties

Political parties and coalitions on Monday asked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to avoid making uncalculated stance about their ‘legitimate and democratic’ demands.

In a joint statement, the political parties and groups said their earlier joint statement was issued to the government and the international community about reforms in the election process, but it was responded by the IEC.

The parties said the IEC should not bring under question its independence by making such stances.

“We term the IEC reaction as irrelevant and it is negligence about the legitimate demands of political parties and processes, we once again emphasis that the parliamentary and district council elections should be held in early October,” the statement added.

The source said votes of political parties and coalitions should be transferable and political parties should be given a special observation room in the IEC in order to ensure transparency in the election process.

They stressed all people of Afghanistan should be facilitated to cast their votes. “We are in negotiations with relevant sources for implementing our demands for electoral reforms, the political parties may review their cooperation with the IEC if the commission’s uncalculated stances continue about our legitimate demands,” the statement added.

The IEC in a statement on February 26 said it was ready to hold elections on schedule on the condition it received the required budget on time and security was ensured.

The commission had said political parties’ role in democratic systems was important and the commission has always tried to hear their suggestions about the election process.

Pajhwok/ Dawn

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