• publish: 18 August 2016
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“Enlightment” movement to file sue in international courts against certain people within Afghan Unity Government

Members of the enlightment movement have said they will file sue against certain people within the Afghan Unity Government after a series of explosions ripped through the area they were peacefully protesting against the government’s decision on July 23.

Members of the enlightment movement (protestors who stood against a government’s decision to route a key transmission line through Salang area. They insist the line has to be re-routed through central provinces including Bamyan and Maidan Wardak) have said the prior convict of the terror incident is Afghan Unity Government, especially security officials.

The members held a press conference here on Wednesday and said that they are holding authentic evidences that show Afghan government is guilty of the incident and will soon sue against it in concerned international courts.

They said government is surely guilty of the incident as it was supposed to secure the security of peaceful protestors who had the rights to launch protest in accordance with the law.

“Afghan government should also give clarity about those bullet traces fired at the day of incident among protestors that killed a number of protestors along with the explosions,” they added.

They also recalled their previous and main demands and said “now that our protests have been added with the bloods of those being killed, we will never give up our demands and government should accept; otherwise, we will continue our protests stronger.”

They are soon going to reveal the details of their future plans during a same conference.

On the other hand, they also claimed most governmental hospitals gave insufficient healthcare to the wounded and discharged them soon.

Three explosions with one believed to be suicide bombing occurred among hundreds of peaceful protestors who had gathered to protest a government decision for a key transmission line on July 23. The incident left more than 80 people dead and more than 350 wounded. It was reported the deadliest incident in past 15 years in Afghanistan.

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