• publish: 31 January 2021
  • time: 11:11 am
  • category: Politics
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EU in Afghanistan called for an end to violence

The European Union’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Ronald Kobia, has called for an immediate end to violence in Afghanistan and a ceasefire.

He tweeted, that “If some parties don’t like the term «ceasefire», call it truce, cessation of hostilities, moratorium, silent period. Whatever the semantics until it stops rivers of Afghan blood. You have an opportunity with new US administration to show you -really- want peace. Now”.

Without naming anyone or party, he stated there is a good opportunity with the new U.S administration but political parties in Afghanistan have to demonstrate how much they are intended to have a prolonged peace.

This comes as the recent peace talks have been hampered in Doha, current hotly debated issue at the moment is the formation of the interim government, a recent Taliban demand.

Taliban said the ceasefire will only happen on the day when Ashraf Ghani resigns from his post.

Both the Afghan government and the international allies rejected their demand and stressed that an interim government would lead to bloodshed.

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