• publish: 8 August 2016
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Family of Kabul demonstration victims ask for impartial international commission to probe into the incident

Family members of Kabul peaceful demonstration victims called for an impartial international commission to probe into the 23-July suicide attack which killed at least 85 peaceful demonstrators and wounded more than 350 others.

On July 23, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, mostly Shiite, in Kabul had gathered to protest over a key transmission line to be re-routed through Bamyan and Maidan Wardak provinces when two heavy explosions ripped through the area they were standing.


As a result, at least 85 demonstrators lost their lives and more than 350 people were wounded.


Daesh reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, but demonstrators denied if Daesh had hands in the attack.


These family members held here a press conference on Monday and called for UNAMA to assist into the investigation to find who had hands in the attack.


“Despite a team has been assigned to probe into the incident, it is not qualified to do so.” they said.


Following the incident, government assigned a ten-member team to investigate into the attack, but, later two members of the team including General Murad Ali Murad and Abbas Noyan resigned from the team for unknown reasons.


The demonstrators claim government itself could be guilty of the incident, as the demonstration was held to protest over government’s decision to re-route a 500 KV Turkmenistan transmission line.


“Government cannot appear as a qualified and fair source to probe into the incident.” said they.

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