• publish: 10 March 2019
  • time: 12:58 pm
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Farah women’s active presence in the government administrations appreciable

President Ghani lauding the women’s active presence and progress in different sections thanked Farah people for defending their rights.

Likewise, he congratulated Farah women and girls’ active presence in the government administrations and schools, the statement continued.
He added Breshan Sherkat will recruit 15 female employees in Farah province.
The president also instructed Farah province’s in-charges including the provincial governor to play special heed in recruiting female employees.
He added female teachers’ posts will increase as the number of girls’ schools will surge in Farah province, adding establishing a vocational high school to the provinces’ female section will be prioritized.
Considering recruiting female lawyers and attorney generals, the president said female inmates’ jail term would lessen and instructed the provincial governor to arrange a list of eligible female prisoners and share it with the presidential office for further steps.

During his visit to Farah province, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with that province’s women and heard their suggestions and demands, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Saturday.

Welcoming the president, Ms. Nadia while thanking the president for his special attention to women and providing them with opportunities and facilities said the women in Farah have considerably improved in education, employment and other sections, but these are inadequate, the statement further said.
She asked the president to recruit women cadres in justice and judicial organs, universities and hospitals.
She also asked the president to provide more scholarships to girls, increase the number of female advocates and establish an industrial park for women.

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