• publish: 12 December 2020
  • time: 11:00 am
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Fardin Amini, Ariana News presenter, lost life in a suicide attempt

Afghan Journalist and Ariana News anchor, Fardin Amini, was killed in a suicide attempt Friday morning in Kabul, the Interior Ministry (MoI) confirmed.

Tariq Arian, a spokesman for the MoI stated in a tweet that based on evidence, Amini has committed suicide by cutting his neck with a sharp edge stone.

The incident took place in a town, Sharak-e-Munshi Mir Ghulam, in Kabul city at around 10 am Friday, police confirmed.

“He was speaking on phone and got out of his car run toward the mountain and found a stone then began to cut his throat with a sharp stone,” Arian tweeted.

A video clip viral on social media shows Amini covered with blood but still alive, and several policemen are struggling to help him.

Meanwhile, Arian added that Amini was taken to the Emergency Hospital of Kabul, “and he lost life at the hospital.”

Arian emphasized that the cases would be investigated thoroughly.

In the other hand, Fardin’s uncle rejected the Ministry of Interior’s claims that Fardin has committed suicide, stating that in his last contact “Fardin told me that he is under threat and he has been arrested.”

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