• publish: 16 August 2020
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Fawzia Koofi still committed to peace

Fawzia Koofi, a member of the negotiation team, calls for an investigation into her attack.

Two days after the attack on peace negotiator Fawzia Koofi, there isn’t any information about the perpetrators of the incident.

Koofi, however, who is under treatment at a hospital in Kabul, said on Sunday that she will continue defending women’s rights and working for peace in the country.

Koofi, who is a member of Afghanistan’s negotiation team, said the investigation into her attack should not be neglected. The incident occurred on the Kabul-Parwan Highway in Qarabagh district of Kabul on Friday evening. Koofi sustained minor injuries, and, according to her aides, her wounds are not life-threatening. 

“I think that spoilers of the peace process and those who have enmity with stability and prosperity in Afghanistan–and especially against women–are targeting any women who are active,” Koofi said. Koofi has served as a lawmaker in Afghanistan’s parliament.  

The highway has witnessed many assassination attempts over the last two months, raising concerns among local residents and those who travel the route. Over the last two days, Shakardara district north of Kabul city witnessed clashes between the government forces and the Taliban. Locals said dozens of families left their homes as the clashes intensified. 

“At least 100 families left here today. People are tired,” said Wakil, a resident of Shakardara district that is located 25 kilometers north of Kabul city. 

“The Taliban created disorder in the area and pushed the people who are working in the government to leave here,” said Safiullah, a resident of the district.  

Qarabagh, Kalakan and Mir Bacha Kot are other districts north of Kabul that have witnessed insecurity and Taliban activity in recent months. 

“It is the biggest threat because this area has high areas that gives the opportunity to the enemy to conduct rocket attacks on (Kabul) city,” Kabul governor Yaqub Haidari said. 

“We have 14 villages and seven village elders here. These areas have been cleared following our operations,” said Gawhar Khan Baburi, the district governor of Shakardara.

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