• publish: 3 October 2021
  • time: 1:18 am
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Female teachers concerned over uncertain future

Female instructors who were teaching at boy schools are facing an uncertain future after the Ministry of Education decided to ban them from going to work.

They called on the government to facilitate teaching opportunities for female teachers.  

Aziza, a teacher in Ghulam Haidar Khan high school, said that she has not gone to work for nearly two months and that the government should clarify its position on women teachers.

“I have taught chemistry for 33 years and now I am home with an uncertain fate,” she said. “It has been over a month that I have been worried about my future.”  

School principals said that since the government decided to ban women teachers from work, schools are struggling with a shortage of teachers.  

“Women teachers do not come to schools, and we are facing a shortage of teachers,” said, Asadullah Kohistani, principal of Ghulam Haydar Khan high school.  

Students also voiced concerns, saying that the government decision to ban women teachers from going to work is creating serious problems for their education.

Ibrahim, a student, said: “We are faced with a serious problem. The male teachers are unable to teach all the classes.”  

Noor Mohammad Mutawakil, a member of the Taliban cultural commission of the Ministry of Information and Culture, said: “ The Islamic Emirate is discussing these issues to find out how female teachers can continue their work and girl students can continue their education.”  

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