• publish: 7 February 2016
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First joint session on security accord held in Kabul

Afghan Ministry of Defense and coalition forces held on Sunday their first joint session to evaluate the security agreement signed between US and Afghanistan in Kabul.

Acting defense minister Masoum Stanekzai said that three different areas of the accord including financial, joint threats and counter-terrorism were talked on during the session.

Noting that the session held today and formation of the trinal committees will legalize plans and foreign forces’ presence in Afghanistan, Stanekzai added that the security agreement is in accordance with Afghanistan constitution and that the sovereignty of Afghanistan is preserved.

National Unity Government signed a security agreement in its early days with Washington, that according which US supports Afghan forces, fight against joint threats and earns a legal presence in Afghanistan.

However, some experts believe the accord has not changed anything so far.

John Campbell, Chief of Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan noted that the armed Taliban group is a joint enemy so they will not spare any efforts for empowering Afghan forces.

“We have done difficult tasks and we will not spare any efforts for strengthening Afghan forces, but much works also remain for empowering them,” said John Campbell, Chief of Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

Taliban are however constantly saying that their continued war policy is because foreign forces are in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the acting defense minister says that if Taliban joins the Peace Process, there will be no need for presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan.

“Nearly 85 percent of foreign forces withdraw the country but security contracts are flexible. If the war ends in Afghanistan, there will be no need for foreign troops to stay in the country,” added Istanikzai.

The Chief of Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan also supports Peace process and does not want the previous years’ achievements to be victimized.

Afghan security forces will be financially supported by the international community, particularly the United States.


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