• publish: 13 March 2019
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Following Ghani`s decree Sadat recognized as single tribe

According to the president Ghani`s decree that will be issued soon Sadat will be recognized as a single tribe in an electronic cards.

During the meeting with Sadat tribe’s elders, influential, youth and religious figures which was also attended by the Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, President Ghani hinted to Sadat tribe’s great personalities, including Sayed Jamaludin Afghan, Shaheed Sayed Ismaiel Balkhi, Shaheed Sayed Bahawuddin Majroh, Late Peer Sayed Ahmad Gilani and Ferogh Naderi, saying there was a special and durable respect among Afghans for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Thanking Sadat tribe for gifting the white garment, President Ghani said the garment had the message of peace, unity and cohesion. “We demand dignified and durable peace for our country, which shouldn’t belong to a specific tribe, but to whole Afghans.”
President Ghani called upon the nation to prepare themselves for the upcoming elections and vote for their desired candidates.

“Legislative decree to be issued to include Sadat tribe in electronic ID cards,” he added. Meanwhile, addressing the gathering, VP Danesh said Sadat was related to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Ahl al-Bayt, adding the tribe had carried out significant activities in last 14 centuries and that Afghan nation had special respect for them.

VP Danesh went on saying that according to the constitution, Afghan nation was consisted of all tribes and everyone was needed to protect the unity and never allow enemies to bring gaps among Hazara and Sadat tribes. According to VP Danesh, there was no legal barriers before inclusion of Sadat tribe in the E-ID cards.

Meanwhile, Sayed Ishaq Gilani and Bebe Negarin Kayani spoke on the occasion and praised President’s economic plans and implementation of development projects in the country. They also reiterated Sadat tribe’s support of government’s programs.

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