• publish: 31 January 2016
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Gen. Murad:

‘Foreign militants fighting alongside Taliban in Baghlan’

The Deputy Chief of Army Staff, General Murad Ali Murad, said that foreign militants, particularly Pakistani rebels, are fighting alongside the Taliban against Afghan security forces in northern Baghlan province.

“The operations will be conducted in different phases. Some 37 militants have been killed and 21 others wounded in the operations. Foreign militants, particularly Pakistani rebels, are among those killed and injured. This shows that foreign rebels are fighting alongside the Taliban militants against Afghan forces,” he said.

Gen Murad, who is on a visit to Baghlan province to monitor fighting between Afghan forces and the Taliban, said some 37 militants have been killed and 21 others were wounded in the six-day battle.

Terming bad weather as the main hurdle for Afghan forces to make progress, Murad said that security forces are continuing their operations in Baghlan.

“As you know, air and land operations have been underway in Baghlan over the past few days. Today, I have come to the province to monitor the operations. Unfortunately, the weather was bad in the past couple of days and today it is still rainy and snowing; however, security forces continue their offensives,” he said.

The Deputy Chief of Army Staff assured people that the operations will continue until the complete elimination of militants.

Baghlan council deems Murad’s trip as effective, but said that the pace of the operation is slow.

Besmillah Batash, a member of Baghlan provincial council, said Murad’s trip to the province will strengthen Afghan forces. “However, the pace of the offensive in the province is slow. We urge Murad to intensify the operations,” he added.

He said that power pylons should be re-installed soon.

Afghan security forces launched large-scale military operations against militants in Dand-e-Ghori and Dand-e-Shahabuddin areas of Baghlan province last week.

The Taliban on the first day of the operation blew up a power pylon in Baghlan province and stopped electricity supply from Tajikistan to Kabul. Tolo News reported.

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