• publish: 31 December 2015
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Foreigners in Afghanistan suffer the lowest death toll in 2015

According to a website which is tracking the casualties of alliance troops in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003, NATO have suffered the lowest death toll in Afghanistan in 2015 during the past 14 years.  

According to the source, 27 NATO soldiers have died in Afghanistan in 2015— the lowest death toll the alliance suffered during the past 14 years of war.

However, the year saw casualties among Afghan security forces drastically soaring after they took over responsibility for security across the country by the end of 2014.

The fallen troops include 22 Americans, two British and three from other nations in the military alliance.

The website has also mentioned soldiers who injured in Afghanistan but later died in hospitals of their own countries.

December and October proved deadliest months for NATO in 2015. The alliance lost 10 soldiers in October and six American troops were killed in a suicide attack in the Bagram district of central Parwan province in December. The dead Americans included one female.

There were no casualties among foreign troops during the months of July, March and January.

In 2014, NATO lost 75 service members and the deadliest year for the international troops in Afghanistan was 2010, when 711 troops were killed.

According to iCasualties.org, so far 3,512 foreign troops, mostly Americans (2,378) have been killed in Afghanistan during the past 14 years, when another more than 30,000 were injured.

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