• publish: 1 February 2016
  • time: 10:21 am
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Fund to support Afghan women victims of violence opened

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani officially inaugurated the fund to support Afghan women victims of violence which was launched by Afghan ministry of women affairs.  

While contributing his assistance to the fund, President Ghani said on Sunday that cabinet members have also promised of giving 15 per cent of their one month pay.

He further said that women must be given their legal and religious rights.

President Ghani went on to say that violence against women has no place in Islam and Prophet Mohammad’s manner has considered a high respect for women.

He furthered that the war-torn society must seek its former precious values and avoid spreading unpleasant and undesired abnormalities.

“Afghan government is committed to help women earn their religious and legal rights and try to prevent further and future violence against them,” President emphasized.

First lady Rola Ghani who was also present during the ceremony said that Islam and Afghani culture has considered a special place for women.

Welcoming the inauguration of the fund, Rola Ghani emphasized on fight against any kinds of violence against women.

Afghan minister of women affairs Delbar Nazari and a number of women rights activists appreciated the consideration the president gave to the fund and called the fund as an important step for supporting women victims of violence.

Vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish, deputies to Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Zia Massoud President Ghani’s special envoy for reform and good governance, cabinet members and other high ranking government officials and activists of women’s rights attended the ceremony.

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