• publish: 30 November 2019
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General Milley: America stays in Afghanistan until needed

US Army Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley in a meeting with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, stressed on the need to stay in Afghanistan ‘until needed’ and denied some media report on the soon US troops departure from Afghanistan.

At the Spidar Palace, both sides discussed war on terror and the Daesh defeat in eastern Afghanistan – the hotbed of the outfit, with the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government appreciating him for his country’s forces long effort to train, advise and equip the country’s security forces, said the statement.
“Taliban and other terrorist groups failed to reach their goals due to the capabilities of the country’s security forces and cooperation of the NATO Resolute Support and Taliban and Daesh sustained heavy casualties in various parts of Afghanistan,” said the CE.
Dr. Abdullah also reiterated the need for a transparent election as he termed it a guarantee to the future legal system, the statement quoted.
“Now this is up to the electoral commissions to carry out their duties with responsibility,” said the statement.
Meanwhile, Gen Mark Milley US Chairman of Army Joint Chiefs of Staff reaffirmed his country’s efforts to continue cooperation with the Afghan forces in fighting terrorism and said: “Some media repot that we will leave Afghanistan, but the government of the US and its army are committed to continue cooperation with the Afghan forces against terrorism threats, until needed.”
“We will continue staying alongside you until you need,” said the US official.
He said his country supported a lasting peace in Afghanistan and hoped their efforts could result in lasting peace in the country.
Milley also hoped the election could result in the formation of a legal system and the sides to agree on the continuation of a political process, said the statement.

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