• publish: 11 August 2015
  • time: 8:37 pm
  • category: International
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German police to cope with influx of refugees

German police have demanded the reintroduction of passport controls across Europe to cope with the influx of refugees and to make it easier to send them back home.

The country’s police union has called for a thousand more personnel to help deal with a record flood of refugees.

Refugees in Germany


Germany has struggled to process and accommodate a wave of asylum-seekers fleeing war and poverty that is expected to top 500,000 this year.

Refugees in Germany


‘From a policing point of view, a return to border controls would be the best of all measures,’ said Rainer Wendt, chairman of the German Police Union.

The union later showed Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere the ‘catastrophic conditions’ for overworked police near the German-Austrian border.



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