• publish: 17 October 2017
  • time: 9:51 pm
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By getting 130 votes Afghanistan granted UNHRC membership

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) executive director said on Tuesday that Afghanistan has been granted United Nations Human Rights Council membership. 

According to AIHRC, Afghanistan by getting 130 votes earned UNHRC membership for the first time.

Afghanistan Independent Human Right’s Commission executive director Musa Mahmoudi said by gaining UNHRC membership, Afghanistan’s responsibilities in terms of respecting and improving human rights has been increased.

“This membership increases Afghanistan’s responsibility in respecting and improving human rights,” said Mahmoudi.

Meanwhile a number of university lecturers and lawyers said government should implement the law equally on all and also should overcome the culture of impunity.

“You know that Afghanistan has membership of many UN commissions. If Afghanistan could have respected and implemented all those commissions (laws), now Afghanistan would have been a paradise,” Lawyer Farooq Bashar said.

“This has an ethic perspective. A number of  countries that do not have membership, did not feel responsible, but now from an ethics perspective, they feel responsible,” Tahir Hashimi, an international relations affairs analyst said.

Many countries from Asia and Oceania were competing for four seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and Qatar gained membership.

Members of the UNHRC get selected by the United Nations General Assembly.


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