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Ghani begins national debate with Kabul residents

In the first such meeting held at Arg’s Chahar Chenar Palace, residents of the city’s fifth PD including women, youth, religious Ulamas, dignitaries, influenced figures and tribal elders and representatives of six committees shared their problems and demands with the country’s President.
Representing the others, Ali Ahmad Kargar by praising the country’s President for kicking off such national debate and hearing the people’s problems welcomed the government’s step in connection with changing all security personnel of the city’s fifth PD.
He asked for reopening all streets closed by powerful figures, taking legal action against mafia and land usurpers and starting construction work of 300-bed hospital in Dewan Begi.
Representing religious Ulamas committee, Mawlavi Abdul Matin asked for registration of unregistered mosques in the area, eradication of narcotics and prevention from construction of illegal buildings and towers and attention to religious Ulamas.
Representing tribal committee, Eng. Sayed Rahim Satar also shared the people’s demands with the country’s President, asking for prevention of interference in appointment of security personnel, attention to transportation system, addressing water stream problems in Sadat Township, prevention from usurpation of green area and land and addressing of drinking water in the area.
Also, representatives of education, youth and women committees shared their demands and problems with the country’s President.
Praising representatives of all committees for sharing their problems and demands, the country’s President said all the demands and suggestions would be changed to practical programs and would be implemented, adding that the debate was aimed to meet residents of each PD of the city to hear their problems and demands.
President Ghani added that the government would take serious action against armed irresponsible individuals and powerful figures and if needed, he would order the use of force and operation against them as the people were tired of them.
The country’s President instructed governor of Kabul to take serious action against usurpers who have usurped lands in the city, adding that security problems should be categorized and a committee should be created to identify perpetrators of murder, threating and wounding the people.
Regarding security and safety of women, President Ghani by considering role of religious Ulamas and representatives of people as key said a special office should be created in each PD for the security of women.
President Ghani stressed that it should be clarified how many people had the permission to have arms and guns, asking that license process of weapon should be suspended.