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Ghani emphasized ceasefire necessary for peace

“In order to reach real peace, ceasefire must happen and bloodshed must stop,” Ghani said. “War is not a solution.”

Ghani said that Islamic authorities have declared fighting in Afghanistan haram, or forbidden.

“We will not want war to continue for even a second if the Taliban want peace,” Ghani said adding those who refuses to accept ceasefire are responsible for all the killings and bloodshed.

US President Donald Trump cancelled peace talks with the Taliban after the group claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in Kabul, at a time when the sides were close to inking an agreement.

Trump said on Saturday that he cancelled talks with the Taliban because they couldn’t produce ceasefire.

Meanwhile, President Ghani said that peace has turned from a distant dream to a close reality.

He said that the best solution to the current crisis is political participation and supporting election and republic system.