• publish: 19 August 2019
  • time: 1:16 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 9837

Ghani: Daesh will be crushed by Afghan security forces

President Ashraf Ghani on Monday vowed to “eliminate” all safe havens of the Daesh as the country marked 100th Independence Day after a horrific wedding attack claimed by the militant group that killed 63 people – all civilians.

Mr. Ghani laid a wreath at the Azadi Memorial minaret on Independence Day. 

Later he appeared at a ceremony in Darul Aman Palace, which has been renovated. 

He said the main celebration of the centenary of Independence Day was postponed to honor the victims of the deadly attack but added that “we will take the revenge of our people”. 

“We will eliminate Daesh hideouts all around the country. The fight against Deash will be intensified,” the president said.

At least 63 people were killed, and more than 180 others were wounded in the attack which happened inside the wedding hall where 1,200 guests were attending.

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