• publish: 5 November 2020
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Ghani: Fighting poverty Gov’t long-term vision

President Ashraf Ghani exclaimed regional connectivity and “fighting poverty” are significant parts of “government’s long-term vision”, amid widespread concerns over growing hunger since beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in early March.

In a virtual meeting with Shixin Chen, Vice President of ADB on Wednesday, Ghani discussed an array of issues including regional connectivity, development programs in Afghanistan, fighting poverty and environmental protection, according to a statement released by the Presidential Palace.

“The president said the government is fully prepared to cope with the second wave of corona, and called regional connectivity, regional development and fighting poverty significant parts of government’s long-term vision,” said ARG in a tweet.

Meanwhile, the President “lauded ADB for its assistances that have enabled Afghanistan to implement development programs and construct healthcare centers, and fight poverty.”

ADB assistance to Afghanistan is closely aligned with the country’s National Peace and Development Framework, supporting country’s national development strategies and priority programs to establish a stronger foundation for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

Earlier, the cabinet has approved the national budget draft for fiscal year 1400 (equiv. to year 2021), which includes $3.4 million allocated budget for fighting the pandemic, the Presidential Place in a statement Wednesday evening.

“The cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan approved modification of the Public Finance and Expenditure Management Regulation, draft plan of hydrocarbons regulation, draft statute of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, and draft law on Cadastre Survey,” said ARG (Presidential Palace) in a tweet.

The national budget for fiscal year 1400 allocates at least $3.4 million dollars in a fight against the ongoing pandemic in Afghanistan – an aid provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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