• publish: 3 July 2019
  • time: 7:05 pm
  • category: Politics
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During Kandahar visit

Ghani inaugurates several projects

At the head of a high-ranking delegation, President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday traveled to the Kandahar province in the south.

Following his arrival to the province, President Ghani officially renamed Kandahar Airport after Ahmad Shah Baba.

He also inaugurated the newly-constructed Kandahar Airport Road and named it after later General Abdul Raziq who was assassinated by a Taliban infiltrator last year.

According to the presidential palace, the road has been built at a cost of 2.8 billion Afghanis which is funded by the government.

In addition, Ghani inaugurated Kandahar second phase of the solar power plant and put it into operation.

The plant has been built at a cost of $39 million and has the capacity to generate 30MW of power.

Besides inaugurating the public welfare projects, President Ghani is set to meet with elders, Ulama, youth, and women of Kandahar.

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