• publish: 27 February 2021
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Ghani: International community is depriving Afghanistan of peaceful

President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday said during an event to mark National Soldiers’ Day that the international community has deprived Afghanistan of peace in the past 40 years.

“International community deprived a nation… from peace, it is not acceptable, we want a dignified peace that people want and security forces want, peace is coming. Why is bloodshed continuing in the country? Is our blood not red? ” said Ghani.

Ghani also stated that safeguarding of equipment of Afghan forces was a priority.

According to Ghani Taliban is fighting for power under Islamic slogans.

“What is the key point, this is not international war, that stage ended. Terrorism is an international danger, crime network is an international danger,” said Ghani. “I am proud to say that you can bear the development, the preservation and the stability of this country on your shoulders.”

Meanwhile, acting minister of defense said that Afghan forces were witnessing a tough year.

“People say that the upcoming spring will be so tough, but we overcome problems, and passed many springs. I ensure people and president to not worry,” said Shah Mahmood Miakhel, acting minister of defense.

In addition to this Ghani vowed that the process of building hundreds of thousands of houses will be started in the new solar year. These will be for the families of soldiers who were killed in the line of duty.

Ghani also emphasized that power will be transferred to the next person only via election.
On the other hand, victims of the war and their families said that they are proud that their family member had a job in the Afghan forces’ ranks.

“I am willing to sacrifice my blood for the country, if I had a power physically I would sacrifice myself,” said Hamida, a mother of a dead soldier.
“I have lost my leg and my hands are also damaged, but I am proud of it instead of being upset. If I had the ability I would return to the battlefield,” said Shah Zaman, a wounded soldier.

Hundreds of Afghans also marked National Soldier’s Day across the country on Monday social media and publically.

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