• publish: 27 April 2019
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The 17th legislative term of the Afghan parliament inaugurated

Ghani: Weakening the Afghan Constitution means organizing “coup”

Ghani, who inaugurated the 17th legislative term of the Afghan parliament, assured the new lawmakers that they will be involved in all peace deals and that no agreement will be made without their approval.

“Be sure that you will be the main part of the peace team,” Ghani said.

“It means that the representatives of the people will not be in the dark when it comes to the peace process.”

Ghani mentioned that the key to peace is unity among Afghans and the participation of women in this process.

“The republic system will continue. This nation deserves honor… Starting from zero every time will mean bowing to the enemy,” Ghani said.

Ghani said those who are seeking to “weaken the Afghan Constitution” are not less than those who are organizing “coup”.

“Those who are trying to weaken our Constitution by spreading rumors, suspicion, and doubt (among the people) are close to those who run coup and I want to tell them that the era of coups has ended,” Ghani said. 

Ghani said a majority of the new lawmakers are from the young generation and that he hopes they will keep good coordination with other pillars of the government.

“I believe that you, by having a big difference compared with former lawmakers, will have strategic cooperation with the leadership of security departments and will not make yourselves busy in unnecessary appointments or other issues,” Ghani said. 

Ghani mentioned that the electoral bodies are independent and that government will not interfere in their affairs.

He called on the Independent Election Commission to set a “specific deadline” for announcing the final result of parliamentary elections for Kabul.

“Government fully respects the independence of the departments which have entitled independence by the Constitution and has not made any interference in their affairs,” Ghani added. 

Ghani said he will remain as President of Afghanistan until the upcoming presidential elections – scheduled for September 28.  

Ghani labeled poverty as the biggest problem in the country and insisted that more efforts should be done in terms of raising local products, experts, water management, and education to overcome the problem. 

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