• publish: 30 September 2021
  • time: 11:03 pm
  • category: Politics
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Ghor provincial hospital faces shortage of medicine and food

“Ghor provincial hospital has faced severe shortage of budget led to some months delay of personnel salaries” the head of Ghor provincial hospital told Raha News Agency reporter

Mowlavi Mahmood Ahmadi added lack of money has caused severe shortage of medicine and food and if necessary measures are not going to be taken, the situations will worsen in the future.

He emphasized the ministry of public health has done nothing regarding the problem.

“The doctors have not been paid for 3 months and the service personnel have not been paid for 9 months” Mowlavi Ahmadi said

This comes as some reports said some days ago at least 20 children in past six months have died because of malnutrition in Ghor province.

“Lots of children in Ghor due to poverty and economic problems are suffering from malnutrition” said Mowlavi Ahmadi

Hafizullah Rajabi

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