• publish: 31 October 2016
  • time: 2:00 am
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Ghor residents gather next to governor building protesting ISIS mass killing

A number of Ghor residents on Sunday gathered around and next to the governor building of Ghor province to raise their hate and protest against recent mass killing of ISIL fighters in the province.

They on Sunday morning gathered in front of the local governor building and said to have gathered there to condemn the killings of 33 innocent civilians in the province a few days ago.

Five days ago, a group of former Taliban insurgents who had pledged allegiance to ISIL in Afghanistan shot dead more than 30 civilians in Ghalmin area close to Firuz Koh city capital of Ghor province.

The incident took place after the fighters came to know that their group commander Mulla Faruq had been killed during clashes with Afghan security forces. They first rounded up these civilians and then shot them all to dead, reportedly in a bid to take revenge for the killing of their group leader.

They also blamed the government for not taking adequate security measures in the province and prevent the insurgents from taking shapes and presence.

Insisting the local government has to find a solution for such challenges, Ghor residents warned that they would continue their protests if the situation doesn’t improve.

In the meantime, a spokesman for Ghor governor Abdul Hai Khatibi, condemning the incident said, that the local government would provide an all-aspect support for Ghor citizens.

He also said that the commander of 207 Zafar corps Muhi Din Ghori, vowed he would not leave the province until he had arrested the attackers.

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