• publish: 27 October 2021
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Ghur, a forgotten, dark province

Ghor province, located in the west of the Hindu Kush chained mountains, surrounded by mountains and one of the most deprived provinces in Afghanistan has been in darkness for the past few years.

In this province, only the city of Firuzkuh as the capital city has electricity generated by oil-consuming generator, and now that the price of fuel has increased, it has become expensive for these generators to continue producing electricity.

Hassan Hakimi, a civil activist in Ghor province, told Raha News Agency that only some important areas of Firuzkuh city access to electricity generators, but it is offered at a very high price.

He added residents of Ghor pay 45 and 50 AFS per kilowatt of electricity, but it has been cut off for several weeks due to blocked bank accounts, lack of cash and rising oil prices in the province.

Other remote areas and districts, however, do not have access to electricity generator, and using solar energy and other possible means they provide their energy.  

Mr. Hakimi says this is not a new issue and people in Ghor have been deprived of government officials for years.

This civil activist added lack of electricity in Ghor has created many problems to all areas, especially in hospitals and administrative wards in the province.

According to him, the people of Ghor, especially the remote districts have been deprived of visual and audio media for several years.

“Pozeh Lij” dam was going to be built in the province over the past five years to generate 4.5 MW of electricity. After the collapse of the previous government, the construction of dam was also stopped. According to statistics, only 10% was build when the ex-government was clasped.

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