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Ghur social activists: Infrastructure projects in Ghur stopped

All 50 to 60 big and small infrastructure projects were annually implemented by domestic and foreign companies in the province have been stopped say some social activists in Ghur

Talking to Raha News Agency in Ghur, Marouf Saeidi, a social activist, today October 28 2021 said among the stopped projects are Ghur-Herat and Ghur-Kabul high ways  

“Ghur-Herat high way project with 40 KM and Ghur-Kabul high way project with 11 KM length are stopped know.” Added Mr. Saeidi

Some other projects in cities of Ghur province have been completely stopped he said

Ghur province is always promised infrastructure projects but they are never implemented Mr. Saeidi complained

Abdul Hai, the head of information and culture provincial office, also told Raha News Agency projects will soon begin in the province      

It is to say Ghur province as a deprived province surrounded by mountains has been forgotten for twenty past years.  

The projects are rarely finished and usually left uncompleted in this province.

The province is deprived of electricity except the capital Firuzkuh that use fuel generator for electricity. Recently with increase in fuel the fuel-electricity is also very expensive.