• publish: 24 April 2018
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Women, children harassment law should be implemented soon: MoWA

Addressing a conference held on introducing of this law to relative ministries in Kabul MoWA deputy of Plicy Spogmai Wardak said. “The concerned departments should take practical steps for its implementation.

She also said this law has been initialed by president and its implementation has started. We want to make a friendly environment.Kabul Times reported.

This law has been codified in three chapters and 29 articles in which certain cases including public awareness measures, educational, penalty and other instruction have been inserted, she added.

Head of Penalty Laws Department, MoJ Farid Ahmad Fakhr said, “The one who commits harassment of women, will be finded Afs 2000 in cash and sentenced to three months prison.

Regular reports have been publishing on women and children harassment and in opinion of women rightactivists, the main reason behind increase of harassment is no punishment of perpetrators. But the Afghan government authorities have time and again said that women and children harassment is not tolerable to them and they are committed to its prohibition.

Women welcome its enforcement and emphasized on its implementation. Prior to this the law makers had also emphasized on implementation of this law. But the MoLSA who is one of the exercisers of this law said that a committee will be set up soon to pave the way for its better exercise.

Being fed up with harassment of women and children the Kabul people said that such laws cannot prevent harassment of women and children because those who harass, escape quickly and cannot be arrested or prosecuted.

Halima employee of a government department said, prior to welcome this law, we have a holy book, Quran in which all women’s rights and obligations have been frankly explained. If there is no changes in public awareness these laws would fail and violence against women and children doesn’t decrease but increases.

According to these women today these crimes have increased due to freedom of criminals. Increasing heedlessness of the government against violence promotes level of such crimes.


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