• publish: 16 April 2020
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Gov’t acts in fighting corona is insufficient

The Afghan parliament believes that the government’s performance in fighting the Coronavirus is insufficient and warned about the rising number of the COVID-19 patients in Afghanistan. MPs say that COVID-19 test kits haven’t been sent to the provinces where there are greater threats of the virus.

The Afghan parliament summoned the Health Minister and the President’s advisor in public and strategic affairs to respond about the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Khadija Elham, an MP said, “There are very few Coronavirus test kits, and insufficient amounts have been sent to the provinces. If people are not tested, the virus will surely spread.”

Mahdi Rasekh, an MP, said, “The government should take more serious health policies for harder days ahead. The government should also have plans about the food and health equipment. People should be rescued of the pandemic.”

This comes as the Health Minister warns about the deadly consequences of COVID-19 saying that there will be human crisis, if the people don’t pay their responsibilities in this matter.

Firzoudin Firoz, the health minister, said, “With the least capacity on hand, we are trying. If the people don’t pay attention, there will be crisis that no one would ever have expected. I call aloud, I request and I beg the people to stay at their homes and follow the doctor’s recommendations.”

Dr. Firoz calling the MPs said, “You, the MPs, also don’t follow the healthcare recommendations as you are sitting next to each other. You are not observing the self-quaranting. This will create a problem in the lower house.”

Meanwhile, Wahid Omar, the president’s advisor, said that a budget of 3.5 billion AFN has been issued, and soon a plan will be approved by the cabinet which will allow more developmental budget be spent to fight COVID-19.

The Afghan parliament underlines that protecting the lives of the people is a basic responsibility of the government, and they should try everything to fight the Coronavirus and rescue people’s lives.

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