• publish: 3 August 2019
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Nabil begins electoral campaign

Govt leaders invited for for debate

Mr. Nabil says the Afghan government leaders have not demonstrated a good practice of good governance.

Presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil at his first election rally in Kabul on Saturday accused the National Unity Government leaders – President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah – of pursuing policies which fuel discrimination among the people.

Nabil said the government leaders have failed to serve the people and practice good governance over the past five years.

Nabil, who represents the Security and Justice Election Campaign Team, invited Abdullah and Ghani for an election debate.

“Has the leading [election] team succeeded in bridging the gaps in social differences and preventing disunity among people? No,” he said.

Nabil said the high rates of poverty and unemployment are because of demagogy and violation of law by government leaders.

“We [Afghans] sacrifice our lives but I don’t know why discussions are underway on my country abroad and we are not included,” Mr. Nabil said, referring to the start of a new round of talks between the US and the Taliban in Qatar.

Mr. Nabil mentioned that he will not oppose the amendment of the Constitution based on people’s will.   

Nabil, who has served as the head of National Directorate of Security during former president Hamid Karzai’s government, said Afghanistan’s leaders who have committed mistakes in the past four decades should apologize to the people and should leave the political arena.

“A president can be elected by two million votes while we have three to four million [drug] addicts. An addict would have been elected as president if he wanted to run [for president],” he said.

Mr. Nabil’s running mates Gen. Murad Ali Murad and Massouda Jalal meanwhile stressed the need for a transparent and fair election on September 28.

“Elections are the only legitimate way for peaceful power transition,” Gen. Murad said.

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